Friday, January 4, 2013

The Glories and Uncertainty of Opportunity


Opportunity . . . the word seems so rich with possibilities and the potential of what could be and will be. Yet, there is the slight hesitation of what is unknown and all the the veil over the future hides from our view. Do I stand or sit in uncertainty  paralyzed by what I don't know and can't see, or do I reach out and take that stop of faith and go for the possible glory that opportunity holds.

With a new year laying before us all the richness of possibilities seems almost overwhelm. Similar the the almost stifling stillness during a new falling snow, one stands in awe of the beauty while fighting back the almost choking quiet.  We love and and fear it all at the same time. How can this be?

May I not allow the presence of opportunity to paralyze me in fear and uncertainty  but rather may I take the moments that opportunity brings and hold them close, use them for good and God, and continue on in this amazing journey that stretches before me.

May all the glories of opportunity inspire and may the uncertainty of it spur on to greatness.


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