Monday, January 7, 2013

What new habit?

Here I am at the beginning of a new month, and my calendar and to do list are telling me I wanted to post a new habit for the new month.  Since I have been revamping the way I am writing and posting things my "Habit of the Month" series has moved to my new blog, Simplicity And Inspiration.  (Go ahead and check it out on side bar and let me know what you think.)  

Here are some of the my thoughts as I processed what to writing and what habit to select for the new month. 

So, a new habit, huh!  

. . . . blank 

. . . yep, nothing!

Some more abstract, way I approach life, habits come to mind:
  • pay attention
  • focus on one thing at a time
  • be thankful, joyful, peaceful, etc.

Then there are the more concrete, maybe practical habits:
  • drink more water
  • sleep a full night's rest every night
  • get outside and walk each day

Not really sure where I am going with this month's habit.  I know that it will be helpful and I am sure by the time the end of the month comes, I will have learned something in the development and exercise of my new habit - whatever it may be.  

It has been fun to review some of the past habits I have worked on.  Go over to Simplicity and Inspiration and click on the post series, Habit of the Month.  You'll be able to see what habits I have worked on over the last year and half.