Monday, December 10, 2012

Blog Changes

Well, here I go, making changes again and stretching outside my comfort zone. For a while now I have struggled with wanting to share some what I am learning as a mom and wife and, well, as a person. It seems that this aspect of my writing and sharing should be different or maybe more focused than my occasional ramblings, thoughts, and sharing that I tend to do on this blog.  As the idea has been bouncing around, I really wanted to be able to share more of what I blog about with the audience that I am looking to bless, but felt that that more thoughtful sharing that I do on my blog would not directly relate or appeal to them.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Habit of the Month: Being Present

New month, new habit . . . well, I struggled with whether or not I would do a new habit for this month of December. After all this month seems so full of activities, events, and things to do already; why add creating a new habit into the mix? The logic side of me reasoned: You would better be able to focus on a new habit once the new year started. What habit are you going to work on anyway? Maybe it would be better to wait. Then in the midst of sleepless nights due to a serious head cold and cough being passed around our home, surrounded by days of clamoring from my kids for activities and attention, my new habit idea was born.