Monday, December 10, 2012

Blog Changes

Well, here I go, making changes again and stretching outside my comfort zone. For a while now I have struggled with wanting to share some what I am learning as a mom and wife and, well, as a person. It seems that this aspect of my writing and sharing should be different or maybe more focused than my occasional ramblings, thoughts, and sharing that I tend to do on this blog.  As the idea has been bouncing around, I really wanted to be able to share more of what I blog about with the audience that I am looking to bless, but felt that that more thoughtful sharing that I do on my blog would not directly relate or appeal to them.

So, I am starting another blog.  Yah!!

I was able to find a name that I liked, and have gotten many of my posts from this blog imported to the new blog so that the series that I have been doing will be able to continued in the new location.  I am so excited about this new site!  I hope to be able to more focused in sharing what I feel I should and direct it to the audience I hope to encourage.  

I definitely have some learning to do in regards to the management and marketing of my site to the audience I hope to reach, but I am not going to wait to start things until I "know it all."  Both of my blogs are still a beginner's blog, but I am learning and know this is a good way for me to implement some of what I have and will continue to learn.

I hope to be able to better share the things in a more focused and organized way on Simplicity and Inspiration.  At the same time Snowhyte's Musings will continue to be the thoughts and ideas that I have along the way.  More of a journal of my blogging and life.

So my call to action for you, my reader.  Check out my new site, sign up to receive e-mails of the posts, and please let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully being able to bless and encourage you in return.