Saturday, November 26, 2011

Niche follow-up

After reviewing the idea of a niche for my blog, here is my conclusion.  I really just want to write about life for now.  Nothing specific, but the things that I am doing and facing.  There are several interests, or maybe hobbies, that I have and that is what I enjoy . . . what I chose to spend my time on -- my niche, my life. 

I really don't have "free" time as one might typically think of it, for everything I do is for some reason.  I plan and clean and organize so that our household functions well and we enjoy our surroundings.  I read, study, and work to expand my knowledge, be better at what I do, and kept what I do from being all about the baby's next feeding or the kid's homework or the housework.  My down time still has purpose: the cross stitch picture is for decoration in my bathroom, my blog reading is for learning and inspiration, the walk in the morning is for a mental break and the physical exercise, the craft with the kids is for developing creativity - mine and theirs,  even the movie I watch with my husband or the card game we play in the evening is an investment in him and our relationship.  

When I wrote about finding a niche, my wonderful mother sent me several definitions of the word: niche.  One particularly captured my attention, "
a comfortable or suitable position in life".  So, my niche is my life.  At least for now, that is my blogging niche.