Thursday, March 8, 2012

Window Art

Last weekend was long . . . the kids had a day off of school, the weather was cold enough I did not want them outside (we were all fighting or recovering from colds), my husband was very sick so I was single parenting, and we were all driving each other a bit nuts.

In an attempt to find a variation to our activities I pulled out the dry erase markers and asked the girls to draw some pictures on our large porch door windows.  They thought it was great!  Out came the step stool and their imaginations took off.  Soon the windows were covered with butterflies, horses, rainbows, renderings of our our family, pictures of our house, castles, etc.  I think they had a slight sense that they were getting away with something they should not be doing.  Their toddler brother had fun erasing what he could reach and watching them jump and squeal in response.

My only regret in the whole activity was my inability to keep their artwork. When the time came to wash the windows on Monday, what was left of their great pictures was wiped off.  I did try taking some photos which helped a bit in preserving the memory. 

Overall the activity was a great success.  Score one for mom's ability to find a new way to do a common activity.  Oh, and the girls each learned to draw something different from each other and they exercised their imaginations!