Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blogging ideas

So, I have been working on my blog some more today.  Actually, as much as I am enjoying writing, I am finding it difficult at the same time. Somehow I don't know where to turn to for inspiration and ideas.  When I first started, I thought I would have no difficulty in cultivating ideas and writing what seemed to be an endless supply of thoughts.  This is proving to not be the case.  

Though I could easily write about what I have been doing lately, the purpose in my writing extends beyond a recitation  of our family's activities.  I would like what I say to be thought provoking or enjoyable for my readers.  Though reports of what we do will impact what I say and some things do flow into the writing, but that is not my purpose. 

I think as summer comes and I look for special things to do with my kids,  we are each going to have a summer journal.  A notebook to write or draw about what we are thinking, doing, etc.  I am hoping it will help me to exercise that creative writing muscle that is long atrophed from lack of use, and hopefully inspire them as they learn the skill of creative writing and thinking.