Sunday, March 20, 2011

Taking a break

This coming week is spring break for the school my children attend.  In honor of that, our family is planning a bit of a break.  Looking ahead, I find myself slightly panicking about completing all the normal cleaning, organizing, and personal rountines that make up my week and still being able to enjoy the extra time with my family. 

So, I have decided . . . I am not going to do my normal routines.  I feel a bit rebellious and reckless, after all I have proven to myself how helpful the rountines are and I am working on showing my family how they can be a useful tool without controling your life.  Granted some of the rountines will happen out of habit or have been done early, but one week of change from the rountine will be a nice mental de-stressor. 

Maybe I'll find some editing to my routine list is needed.